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2022 July 30: Incontinuity Up for Streaming/Download

Chunky Milk Productions presents Incontinuity - directed and edited by Owen Swerkstrom, starring Mike Wills, scored by Dave Schwartz

2022 July 18: Incontinuity

This weekend we began and completed production of our latest short, Incontinuity! As usual we cannot share the movie until the premeire screening. For details, see the The Parkway Theater website. In the meantime, help yourself (and a local print shop) to a poster!
Incontinuity: The Poster

2021 September 1: Revensils! Up for Streaming/Download

Chunky Milk Productions presents REVENSILS! - created by Kim Guyer, directed by Owen Swerkstrom, starring Rob Alger, scored by Dave Schwartz

2021 August 22: Revensils!

This year's 48 Hour Film Project weekend is a wrap! We cannot share our entry yet, but we can reveal its title and offer up our sharpest, highest-resolution cinema poster to date! Presenting... REVENSILS! - the latest Chunky Milk Production, Rob's first 48 Hour Film, and Kim's conceptual creator debut!
Revensils! poster download

2020 November 15: The News

The 48 Hour Film Project teamed up with Rizzle, a social short-video app, and invited city winners from last year (hey -- that's us!) to make 10-episode series of 30- to 60-second vertically-formatted videos. With The News, we conclude our 12-part trilogy of weird crap happening to Mike in Owen's house.
The News: The Poster

2020 April 19: Y2K10

Our new (and final?) #StuckAtHome48 movie is out, in theatres nowhere! Watch Y2K20 and celebrate 20 years since the big scare.

2020 April 4: Citizen Whiplash

The latest #StuckAtHome48 is a trailer for the cinema-child of Citizen Kane and Whiplash. It is titled, oh-so-creatively, Citizen Whiplash!

2020 March 30: Gentleman's Entertainment

The 48 Hour Film Project is issuing a series of "Stuck At Home 48" challenges, and our latest short movie was made while each of us was stuck at home. Gentleman's Entertainment probably won't get screened like a "normal" 48 Hour Film, but that didn't keep us from creating a cinema-style poster. The movie itself is making the rounds on social media. #StuckAtHome48
Gentleman's Entertainment: The Poster

2020 March 7: Filmapalooza

Aboard the SS Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the last year's worth of 48 Hour Film Project city winners received trophies. That included Chunky Milk Productions, represented by its original curds, Mike and myself! The Chair screened along with an incredible set of peers. Our congratulations to every single team there, including those which won additional awards!
Mike and Owen at Filmapalooza 2020


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