Old News

2019 September 10: Posters

Posters, get your Chunky Milk posters here! Be the first to print and hang a 27x40-inch cinema-style poster for The Smell and/or The Chair! (Seriously, be the first. None of us have even done it yet.)
The Smell: The Poster
The Chair: The Poster

2019 July 29: Great Day

The Pine Tree-o has released their first and only single, Great Day. You can stream and download it over on SoundCloud, or right here!
The Pine Tree-o / Great Day

2019 June 20: Best Film!

Meet the winners of the 2019 Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project's awards for Best Editing, Best Directng, and, oh yeah Best Film! The Chair, our fifth 48-hour short, is sending us to Filmapalooa in Rotterdam! We will publish it the moment we're sure we're alowed to - this is new, exciting, and most surprising territory for us!
Owen, Mike, Patrick, and a stack of awards

Press Release

2019 June 12: Successful Screening

We had a great night, saw fifteen greatly entertaining short films, and basked in the laughter of the best audience any of us could have hoped for. Our entry, The Chair, is a weird - nay, insane movie, and we weren't sure whether the audience would come along for the ride with us. They did. And we couldn't be more pleased.
Director and Production Assistant, ready for the show

Update: it will be a bit longer before we can publish our movie, because we have been nominated for some awards!

2019 April 25: 48HFP 2019

Mark your calendars!
May 31 - June 2: Filmmaking! June 11th: Screening!

We're signed up for our fifth year at the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project! We'll draw our category and find out our required elements at the kickoff on May 31st, submissions are due at 7:30pm June 2nd, and whatever we come up with will be screened (along with other, talented groups' movies!) at the Riverview Theater on June 11th! See here for more information.

2019 March 12: Table Read

We've just had our first table read for our first feature! Oir is the name of our big project, which is now as officially in pre-production as such a thing can be!
Owen's marked-up copy, and storyboard scribbles

2018 June 21: Award!

The Smell won Best Use of Line at the 2018 Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. We are particularly proud of this given that we drew the genre "Silent Film".
Patrick, Mike, and Owen receive the award