Junk Puppet Poetry

The Junk Puppets, originally seen in Chunky Milk's short movies The Chair and Revensils have gathered some more trashy friends and spun off into their own series!

Junk Puppet Poetry is a growing collection of very-short movies in which creatures made of trash present classic poetry. Made specifically for the monthly cinema gong show Scream It Off Screen, the junk puppets have resonated well with Twin Cities crowds, and even picked up some awards!

It's an honor to team up with artists and authors long gone, and to dig up both famous and obscure poetic gems to share with new audiences. Poetry is an art form so fundamental and pure that even our silliest presentations feel grounded and cultural.

Works and authors featured in Junk Puppet Poetry episodes
# Poem Author
1 I Meant To Do My Work To-Day Richard Le Gallienne
Riches Ralph Waldo Emerson
2 Two Dead Boys Tyler Rager
3 Merry Autumn Paul Laurence Dunbar
4 Sonnets-Actualities XXIV e. e. Cummings
5 Good Resolutions. Ethel Watts Mumford
Appearances are Deceitful.
The Careful Buyer.
Be Careful.
Know Your True Worth.

People Have Pets

Chunky Milk Productions is in pre-production on a music video for Dave Schwartz's song, People Have Pets.

The Junk Puppets return, along with some new friends. Their band, "Junky Milk", sings a fun, high-energy song about different people and their different pets.